Elvio Cogno

Italy Piedmont

A treasure named Ravera.
Valter Fissore and his modern, classical interpretation of Barolo

“Valter is crazy,” says Nadia Cogno, daughter of the legendary vintner, Elvio Cogno. From her tongue, it’s a compliment. For more than thirty years now, she has known his unconventional and rather ‘crazy’ way to interpret, to live and to produce Barolo.

Elvio, Valter and Nadia have since succeeded in taking their tiny village of Novello out of the shadow of better known communes like La Morra or Monforte d’Alba. In fact, according to Decanter magazine, “Novello didn’t really exist before Elvio Cogno arrived.”

For many years, Elvio Cogno had been the winemaker for Marcarini in La Morra, where he created the famous Barolo ‘Brunate’. That’s where Valter Fissore first met him. “Elvio taught me a lot of things, especially about the passion for wine.” During that time, Valter also encountered Elvio’s daughter, Nadia, and later married her.

Self-confident without being presumptuous

After having purchased an old grange near the village of Novello in 1990, the trio left Marcarini. Situated on Bricco Ravera, a hilltop at 320 metres above the town, they established their own estate, apply named Elvio Cogno. The old building was slowly renovated, respecting the historical and agricultural tradition of the region. Now called Cascina Nuova, or new grange, it has been rriightly recognized by UNESCO as one of Piedmont’s masterpieces.

With only eleven hectares, Elvio Cogno is a comparatively small estate. All of its vineyards are oriented south, southeast or southwest, with only one exception. That is a narrow strip of land planted with autochthonous Nascetta vines, which enjoy a cooler climate for Valter’s now famous white called Anas-Cetta.

©Fotos: Gerd Kressl

A few wines from the portfolio …

Barolo Vigna Elena

A wine for Barolo purists. Produced only in great vintages, it shows hints of roses, tobacco, mint and fresh herbs. An ideal wine for long storage.

Barolo Cascina Nuova

Made from younger vines, this Nebbiolo is more approachable and easier to understand. It is therefore the best way to enter the world of Cogno’s Barolo and offers a perfect price quality ratio.

Barbera d‘Alba

An affordable wine for every day dining, it is easy to combine with lots of dishes.

Nascetta di Novello Anas-Cetta

Elvio Cogno was a pioneer in preserving the nearly lost, autochthonous white variety Nascetta. Fermentation in steel tank and barrique, 180 (!) days on the yeast. Wildflowers, herbs, citrus and exotic fruits, with a note of honey and sage. Ideal with fish, light pasta, vegetable and white meat.

Barolo Ravera

This is the estate’s flagship wine made of two Nebbiolo clones, Lampia and Michet. With hints of rose, mint, tobacco, herbs, coffee, truffles, leather and chocolate, its elegant, well balanced structure ensures the longest ageing potential of all of Cogno’s wines.

Moscato d‘Asti

The sweet, aromatic classic from Piedmont with intense aromas. Low in alcohol, at seldom more than 5%, it is the perfect Aperitif…or to drink after a meal with desserts.

Elvio Cogno
Piedmont, Italy