Smart Wines is a specialized agency trading in fine wine with head office in Cologne.

We perceive ourselves, on the one hand, as a link between renowned wineries in various countries and the specialized trade, upscale hotels and fine restaurants in Germany and Austria on the other. Your advantages as a Smart Wines Partner?

We enable our distribution partners — specialized trading establishments, hotels and restaurants — to purchase and import wine directly from the vintner. Smart Wines neither operates its own distribution network nor do we hold stock. You will receive highly professional support to assist you in establishing and cultivating your labels, in sales activities and in the acquisition of new customers. At the same time, we ensure product instruction and sales staff training as part of events, be they wine tastings, trade fairs or presentations. Our staff maintains continuous direct, personal contact with the winery and hence we can offer important first-hand information. We constantly observe developments in the market — both on the producers' side and what is happening in the restaurant scene — so that we discover trends at an early stage and communicate them to you. Our many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the characteristics of the respective producing countries create a valuable base for your sales argumentation. We recommend export, wholesale and retail prices to our sales partners and observe the structures in the market, which is our contribution to a reasonable and well balanced positioning for all the partners in this market. We promote contacts between suppliers and prospective business partners in the trade.

Personal relationships count

Whenever you are interested in cooperating with one or several of ›our‹ wineries, just give us a call. We will be pleased to discuss all details with you personally. Or come as a guest to the ProWein fair in Duesseldorf. This is an excellent occasion for you to get to know personally the vintners whose consultants we are and to taste their wines. 

Experience and Competence

The founder and managing director of Smart Wines, Per Soehlke, began in 1990 to establish a new and customer oriented agency in Germany for Italy's emerging elite vintners. Having trained as a chef in one of Italy’s finest restaurants, he focused from the very beginning on the cooperation with the Germany's best, specialized distributors. An emphasis was thus placed on the establishment of close relationships with regional importers and wholesalers.

It did not take long for many of Germany’s specialized retailers to appreciate his work, providing Per Soehlke the opportunity to extend the portfolio of wineries represented by Smart Wines and to expand his agency activities. Contracts for the representation of top estates from Austria (2004) and Spain (2006) were milestones in this development. Today, Smart Wines represents renowned vintners from Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Chile.

Per Soehlke currently has seven employees supporting his work both in the back office and in the field.

Smart-Wines GmbH

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D-50667 Cologne, Germany

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