Burg Ravensburg

Germany Baden

Burg Ravensburg, which now belongs to Heitlinger, sits enthroned high on a hill above the surrounding vineyards in the southern part of the Kraichgau in Baden.

For more than 750 years wine have been produced at the estate, which is known historical for its single vineyard bottlings. The Rieslings are grown in both the Husarenkappe and Kapellenberg sites, the Burgundian style wines in the Löchle and the Blaufränkisch in the Dicker Franz. At 300 metres above sea level, the Kapellenberg is not only the highest of the single vineyards, but also the steepest. Its soil, which contains sandstone and volcanic rock, is ideal for Riesling.

All of these wines are classified as VDP Grosse Lage, the German equivalent of grand cru. Winemaker Claus Burmeister, who produced his first vintage in 1990, knows each like the back of his hand. Five years later he also assumed responsibility for the Heitlinger estate.

Since 2015 all of the vineyards have been farmed biodynamically. This implies following the rhythms of the moon, not only for harvesting, but also at bottling.

After having been carefully selected, the white Burgundian varieties remain for some six to nine months in French oak barrels; the Blaufränkisch from the Dicker Franz for fifteen.

Claus Burmeister recommends tasting the wines from Burg Ravensburg and Heitlinger side by side in order to better understand their respective characteristics. While the wines from Burg Ravensburg show intensive fruit, with balance, structure and a charming acidity, those from Heitlinger are more immediately approachable, being fresh and fruity, with a subtle minerality.

Burg Ravensburg
Baden, Germany